Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 2016 – Sponsorship plan

SPONSORSHIP PLAN - 2016 edition

SPONSORSHIP PLAN – 2016 edition

Rome, 26-28 October 2016


Meet in Italy for Life Sciences is the main national matchmaking event in the field of Life Sciences. The third edition of the international brokerage convention will be held in Rome, from 25 to 28 October 2016, at the Salone delle Fontane in EUR and will be divided into three days of activities including business meetings and networking opportunities, pitching sessions, thematic workshops and a final conference on policy issues.

On 25 October there will also be a pre-session dedicated to a Startup BootCamp and to activities related to the Challenge involving research companies and talents.

The initiative is promoted by the Lazio Region, through Lazio Innova SpA, in collaboration with Unindustria, C.H.I.CO (Cluster of Health Innovation and Community), Bic Lazio SpA, Enterprise Europe Network, the national Cluster ALISEI as well as major stakeholders and national representatives from the world of associations.


The 2016 edition of Meet in Italy for Life Sciences has been designed having in mind the following aims:

  • to facilitate exchanges among research companies, centres and laboratories, investors, startups, institutions (Regions, trade associations, technology parks, universities, etc.)
  • to provide visibility as well as business and networking opportunities
  • to create ad hoc discussion fora among public and private stakeholders, at both national and international levels
  • to create a network of research-generated innovation


  • It is the main national event dedicated to life sciences
  • It is a unique opportunity for visibility in front of a strategic network of private and public stakeholders that will take part in the event, and in front of enterprises, universities and research centres, startups, associations and national and international clusters
  • It is a discussion and contact forum with potential partners/clients and with an audience of highly motivated professionals
  • It is an appointment with a strong international flavour, which will host delegations from all over the world
  • It is the best practice showcase of the Italian “Country system” in the field of life sciences


  1. Brokerage Event (26 and 27 October), which will take place during the first two days, dedicated to bilateral meetings and networking
  2. International conference (28 October) on the theme of Life Sciences and Well-being
  3. Thematic workshops and pitch session (26, 27 and 28 October), in-depth meetings on specific topics and discussion with international partners.
  4. BootCamp (25 and 26 October), a pre-session dedicated to innovative startups that will be involved in a mentorship programme and will take part in pitching sessions
  5. Challenge addressed to large companies and research talents to facilitate the matching of innovation supply and demand


  • National and international institutions
  • Universities
  • Technology parks and national and international clusters
  • Research centres and laboratories
  • Biotechnology, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry
  • Medical device companies
  • ICT for health, services and related activities
  • National and international investors


  • 328 profiles posted on the site for b2b (146 in the first edition)
  • 1,900 appointments made (1,385 on the b2match platform; approx. 400 meetings managed during official meetings) – 625 in the first edition
  • 195 participants in the brokerage event
  • 60 pitches delivered out of 84 planned


  • Lazio Region
  • Lazio Innova
  • BIC Lazio
  • Unindustria
  • C.H.I.CO (Cluster of Health Innovation and Community)
  • Enterprise Europe Network
  • ICE – Agency
  • Assobiomedica
  • Assobiotec
  • Aster
  • BioPmed – Bioindustry Park
  • Campania Bioscience
  • Centro di Biomedicina Molecolare – FVG
  • Confindustria Toscana
  • Cluster Lombardo Scienze della Vita
  • Distretto Toscano Scienze della Vita
  • ItaliaCamp
  • Twist – Startup Europe



Press and web campaign on partner media outlets X X
Press office to local, national, general and industry media X X
Follow-up of press activities (paper and audio-video press clippings) downloadable from the event website X X
Presence of the sponsor’s logo and of a link to the sponsor’s website on the event’s website X X X
Newsletters sent to the target audience coming from the mailing lists of organizers X X X
Publication on the event website of daily reports with photo galleries and download area for materials (presentations, handouts) X X X
Production of a video of the event and online dissemination X X X
Creation of Facebook and Twitter social profiles dedicated to the 2016 edition X X X
Dissemination through social and web channels of Lazio Innova (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, Youtube) X X
Video interviews disseminated through social networks X
Custom panel in the B2B meetings and conference hall X X
Desk with promotional materials in the lobby (hostess to be provided by the sponsor) X X
Presentation workshop X
Opportunity to distribute promotional material during the event X
Presence of the logo on the material distributed during the event X


Sponsorship is acquired through Lazio Innova SpA, a company subject to management and coordination by Lazio Region, which is responsible for the organization and management of the event.


Main Sponsors will have the opportunity to receive a quote for the exclusive sponsoring of materials distributed at the event (conference folders with notepads, stationery, shoppers, badges, etc.).