The Miami Scientific Italian Community’s goal is to encourage effective collaboration between the international industrial system and the research world. Areas of expertise range from purely scientific activities – to the development ofkey marketing and financial strategies.

Each area of specialty is aimed toward:

  • Facilitatingimmediate research applicable to market solutions.
  • Encouraging new business creation andfostering innovative start-ups of a highly technical nature. In particular, projects undertaken by young people.
  • Providingcompanies ad hoc financial instruments in support ofresearch and development investment.
  • Nurturing scientific and technological cooperation on an international level through varied network participation, between Europe andthe Americas, as well as enterprise and research institutions.
  • Implementing and disseminating worldwide training activities.

Areas of Activity

  • Technology Transfer
  • Valorisation of Research
  • Creation of innovative businesses
  • Financial support for innovation
  • Promotion of international technological partnerships
  • Scientific training and disclosure