The Miami Scientific Italian Community moves within the aerospace intercepting primarily through an extensive network of collaborations and contacts articulated the presence of industrial, academic and research in Italy, in this strategically important sector of activity. The consistency of this sector in the Lazio region has motivated the creation of the Aerospace District of New York (a reality that can make a leap of initiatives and operating results and the creation of business thanks to the initiative of Miami Scientific Italian Community) and an active and proactive in scope of the Italian Aerospace Cluster in its early stages of life.

The strategic issues of the sector favored by the Miami Scientific Italian Community is based on three thematic lines, which are common to the aeronautics and space industry or specific to each of the two and cover a broad but focused, thematic areas ranging from the development of manufacturing hardware products to the development of services to high added value. Preference is given in this choice some areas with wide possibilities of development are not always supported by adequate public intervention, but characterized by a wide range of capabilities in terms of knowledge and industrial operations. In other words undergo special attention to sectors where such assets are available from the various stakeholders (universities, research centers, associations of Companies, Enterprises) can be exploited and developed to better taking all the opportunities of further development.

Thematic areas of development:

  • Telecommunication Services, positioning and navigation, Earth observation and services typically based on spatial and non- asset;
  • Innovative space systems compatible with the development of the Vega rocket;
  • Material structures and mechanical components for aerospace use.