A Board of qualified professionals

The Board of Directors/Executive Committees.

The MiamiSIC Board of Directors may designate an executive committee from its members of no less than two (2), nor more than five (5), which shall have and exercise authority between board meetings, except the authority to:
(1) fill Board or Committee vacancies, or
(2) adopt, amend and repeal bylaws.

The Executive Committee shall consist of current officers and an immediate past president of the corporation. The Board of Directors may designate additional standing committees from its members, including, but not limited to a:
(a) nominating committee(b) investment committee
(b) audit committee (d) management and governance committee.

Each committee shall possess and may exercise authority in the management of the Corporation’s business, as determined by the Board of Directors and set forth in written resolution(s).

Scientific Committees.

The Board of Directors may appoint one or more scientific committees to foster the corporation’s mission. The Committee(s) may serve only in an adjunct capacity to the Board and have no legal authority to act for the corporation.

All members shall be appointed by the Board, yet need not be a MiamiSICmember. The Board shall appoint a Chairman, or co-Chairman designateddirector, who will preside at Committee meetings and decide the place, time and dates.

All Committees shall be under the Board’s jurisdiction and have charge of assigned duties. Committees may meet as frequently as they deem necessary or appropriate. Any member may be removed by resolution of the Board at any time, with or without cause, along with the Committee’s existence itself.