We want encourage development, growth and progress by research

The Miami Scientific Italian Community mission may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Planning and implementation of projects related to academic research, industrial rese- arch, technological innovation, as well as auditing and monitoring of technology;
  • Conducting studies and research, surveys and polls;
  • Performing, collecting, processing, disseminating  studies, research and documentation;
  • Promoting and implementing initiatives in editorial writing, audiovisual or electronic;
  • Promoting presentations and organizing training activities, and continuing education;
  • Collaborating with associations, corporations, universities, and research study groups, and other public and private institutions;
  • Establishing internal committees and / or study groups dedicated to specific cultural, scientific, educational, organizational issues relevant to its members;
  • Representing and protecting the interests of its members;
  • Assisting its members in developing and initiating projects and activities;
  • Promoting relationships amongst professionals across fields and categories;
  • Supporting the development of new entrepreneurship in the field of advanced technologies;
  • Promoting the lawful transfer of technological know-how;
  • Providing  training,  including  lifelong  learning,  technology  innovation  in  collaboration with the institutionally responsible and training of researchers in the field of innovative technologies;
  • Promoting collaborative endeavors through creation of network with equivalent structu- res at national, EU and international level.