Project Management

The community offers varying types of project management and coordination on a local, regional and international level. The established European Desk enables valuable pre and post-award aid for European community projects, including:

a) Development of the proposal

  • Assistance with interpretingforeign documentation and forms.
  • Support in research project formulation.
  • Identifying and organizing the “Consortium”.
  • Defining the work plan and project budget.

b ) Coordinating the proposal

  • Defining the Gantt charts (timeline and milestones) and Consortium.
  • Helping with scientific contribution preparations, including project management (“exploitation, dissemination and IPR”).
  • Assistance in formatting final draft submissions and proposal management.

c) Project Coordination & Management

  • Contract negotiations and Consortium Agreement preparation.
  • Meeting organization (i.e. agendas and minutes).
  • Funding agency relations.
  • Managing relations with the funding agencies.
  • Deadline monitoring.
  • Progress and final report preparation.
  • Coordination with partners.
  • Financial budget management.

Areas of Activity

  • Technology Transfer
  • Valorisation of Research
  • Creation of innovative businesses
  • Financial support for innovation
  • Promotion of international technological partnerships
  • Scientific training and disclosure