The biotechnology area of Miami Scientific Italian Community was created to enhance and commercially develop the results of biomedical research in keeping with the concept that specialized, multi-local companies contribute to the economic growth of the region.

The line of action of this areas is based on some general considerations, including the gradual downsizing of research facilities internal to large corporations for the benefit of scouting for, and licensing of, promising and commercially viable intellectual property/products; the incidence among leading researchers of the medical specialties who draw ideas from everyday practice and direct experience. Moreover, it is based on a detailed analysis of the specific characteristics of the local area’s ecosystem, e.g. availability of good number of companies involved in the production of biomedical products.

The original idea, which may be generated within the areas or brought from the outside, is initially submitted for examination and possible interest of the corporate sector to ensure its responsiveness to the needs of the market. Thus, a technology from a big company or researcher is licensed to a Florida-based small- / medium-size company to start and sustain product prototyping through formalizing agreements between the researcher and the multi-national entity.