Market Place

Thanks to the consolidated knowledge by Miami Scientific Italian Community members of the local, national and international entrepreneurial fiber, the organization has developed excellent awareness and promotional skills in demonstrating technical innovations.

Agreements with institutional organizations including Enterprise Florida, the Florida Chamber of Commerce and its local chapters + additional stakeholders has strengthened the MiamiSIC’s position and in turn, of its partners in the local market.

Through several key initiatives conducted with its Italian sister organization, the Consorzio Roma Ricerche, the MiamiSIC also has invaluable skills on the Italian and EU territory.

Specifically, the MiamiSIC performs the following activities:

  • Actively contacting, raising awareness and involving SMEs in the areas identified, in synergy with other similar actions developed in the context of national and European Community Programs.
  • Developing and consolidating initiatives of cooperation between research centers and universities, small and medium-sized enterprises and local institutions, taking the specialized sectors into account.
  • Identifying and raising national and European community awareness of good practices related to SME technology transfer, with special attention to the organizational and methodological aspects.
  • Analyzing and systemizing the needs of innovative businesses, not only to respond to present demand but to stimulate and adequately anticipate future needs by widespread investigation and targeted focus group activity
  • Organizing the analysis of the applied sector innovations to correctly identify the intended targets.
  • Customizing the marketplace’s actions to build collaborative networks between points of excellence in the field.
  • Building a “knowledge base” which includes specialized sector demand, research supply, innovation and transfer of technology ~ experience and already-developed core competencies, etc.
  • Promoting forms of collaboration and/or partnerships between businesses for greater effectiveness, including commercial, financial and technological transfer.
  • Identifying and developing interdisciplinary skills in order to analyze and assess the needs of innovative enterprises, in respect to the organizational, economic and financial variables involved. Raising SMEs awareness to the potential profit opportunities in production and sales offered through technological innovation and otherwise.

Areas of Activity

  • Technology Transfer
  • Valorisation of Research
  • Creation of innovative businesses
  • Financial support for innovation
  • Promotion of international technological partnerships
  • Scientific training and disclosure