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Politecnico di Bari is a research university that focuses its activities in the studies of Engineering and Architecture, and it is one of the three existing in Italy and the only one in the centre-south. It was founded in 1990 from the Faculty of Engineering and also by the establishment of the Faculty of Architecture and, therefore, it has a well longer tradition that dates back to 1943-1944.

Our researchers are at the top of international rankings for excellence in several flagship areas for both new technologies and typical engineering sciences. We have about 12,000 students, attending Bachelor courses, Master courses and PhD courses. The courses cover the main areas of Engineering and Architecture and are articulated on the two locations of Bari and Taranto. Our students have the opportunity to complete their training with periods of study abroad, in other European and non-European universities, thanks to a large number of international cooperation programs with prestigious foreign universities.

With some of them, the achievement of the so-called double degree has also been provided, a path through which it is possible to obtain a double degree, valid in both states in which the two universities are located. Politecnico is a rigorous university that requires a commitment in terms of study and dedication and a commitment that is rewarded with a high return on the labour market and high rates of employment.

Politecnico daily strengthens its relations with companies, both in terms of research, shadowing and placement, while some companies have permanent presence in public/private laboratories where virtuous synergies allow to obtain always better research results, but also the opportunity to let our students be acquainted, through internships carried out during the course of studies, with the business reality.


The Industrial Liaison Office

The Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) of Politecnico di Bari is the organizational structure designed to support the university staff in the exploitation of research outcomes. The mission of ILO is to strengthen the interaction and cooperation between research structures, territorial production system and public institutions ensuring the transfer of competences and technologies from the academic structures to the different regional, national and transnational productive contexts. Moreover, it continuously works in the creation of collaborative relationships between university and industrial organizations by gathering the technological innovation instances coming from the market and matching with the University’s capacities, skills and technologies.

The ILO provides the services listed below, with the specific objective to promote entrepreneurship, transfer of skills from university to firms and create new firms from academic spin-offs:

  • scouting and evaluation of technologies, skills, industrial inventions and innovative business ideas developed in the Polytechnic of Bari potentially worthy of development;
  • collection of specific needs expressed at local and regional level in terms of industrial research, experimental development and innovation, to be addressed to the departments concerned;
  • support for the establishment of spin-off / start-up companies and assistance in business planning;
  • monitoring of the spin-offs of the Polytechnic of Bari;
  • strengthening of the technological and market capacities of active spin-off companies through activities of promotion and dissemination of the products and services produced and through technological partnership agreements with research centers and companies and commercial partnerships with national and international entities;
  • management of procedures related to the constitution, adhesion and participation of the Polytechnic of Bari in associations, consortia, companies, districts and other public and private bodies;
  • monitoring of the subsidiaries of the University;
  • negotiation of agreements and partnerships with companies, research bodies and other organizations in order to exploit the results and skills of scientific and technological research developed in the University from an economic point of view;
  • consultancy and training on the issues of technology transfer, in particular on the enhancement of the results of scientific research and the Third Mission and on the implementation of the entrepreneurial culture;
  • procedures for the protection and management of intellectual property in its various forms of expression: invention patents, designs, industrial models and trademarks;
  • prior patent searches aimed at verifying the novelty of inventions and monitoring industrial developments in certain application fields through the use of specialized databases;
  • administrative and organizational support to the Patent Commission of the Polytechnic of Bari;
  • promotion, enhancement and commercial exploitation of the University patent portfolio through the negotiation of patent transfer agreements, license agreements and economic and scientific co-development agreements;
  • networking with the industrial world aimed at promoting the technologies and know-how of the University and strengthening collaboration with SMEs, with the main players in the area and with large industrial groups;
  • technology brokerage services to increase the competitiveness of Apulian SMEs on the global market;
  • consulting services for databases, networks and digital platforms (Orbit Intelligence, Enterprise Europe Network, KnowledgeShare, In-PART etc.);
  • support activities, organizational and planning consultancy for the presentation of projects under competitive tenders regarding innovation and technology transfer at local, national and international level;
  • management of research / collaboration contracts and confidentiality agreements with the business world;
  • technology transfer and innovation newsletter for periodic updates on innovation, research and financing, training and skills development opportunities;
  • organization of meetings with local SMEs aimed at offering a free diagnostic service for the portfolio of industrial property titles (patents, trademarks and designs) and suggestions for their enhancement;
  • negotiation of agreements with Apulian technological and production districts, trade associations, regional agencies, incubators and other subjects that invest in innovation in order to promote technology transfer and economic development processes at local and regional level;
  • Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Promotion services.


Prof. Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli email: antonio.messenipetruzzelli@poliba.it
ILO Office email: ilo@poliba.it


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