RetImpresa Registry

Retimpresa Registry

Registry International: RetImpresa technological offer for international networks

About RetImpresa

RetImpresa is the Italian Agency of Confindustria for Business Networks and aggregations, established with the aim of ensuring the representation, coordination and development of business networks in the national production system. Based in Rome, with an associative structure widespread in all territories and economic sectors, has supported since 2009 forms of aggregation between companies, such as the “network contract”, for supply chain cooperation strengthen, the enhance of made in Italy and foster the dimensional and competitive growth of SMEs. RetImpresa works alongside national and international institutions promoting improvement policies for the aggregative phenomena and since 2018 is co-founder, with InfoCamere and Cà Foscari University of Venice, of the National Observatory on Business Networks.

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RetImpresa Registry: the Italian platform for Open Innovation and start-ups

In compliance with RetImpresa’s vision, since 2021 has been launched RetImpresa Registry: the Italian platform for the open innovation, that use the blockchain as identity provider for the business matching.

RetImpresa Registry is the connection point between supply and demand for companies that want to start a network. Registry is the right place to be for new business opportunities, a space to let ideas grow under the principles of Open Innovation and entrepreneurial collaboration.

Through the digital identity certified on Blockchain, each company will be able to operate for free on the platform in total transparency and security. Registry helps the protection of ideas in the marketplace. Thanks to the timestamp and the digital identity, it will always be possible to trace the origin of a network project.

The marketplace of Registry brings all network ideas together.

Registry International: the RetImpresa technological offer for international networks

In 2022 has been released Registry International, the english version of the platform for foreign companies with the aim of fostering the creation of partnerships, technological transfer and import / export programs with Italian companies and start-ups.

Registry International is a simple and fast gate that facilitates searching for partners, sharing ideas and projects, and matching demand and supply of goods and services within the International Network of Confindustria and Miami Scientific Italian Community.

Start and/or develop now alliances and internationalization paths with Italian companies and start-ups in a reliable and secure digital environment, made with the blockchain technology and the involvement of Confindustria, exploiting the potential of the platform RetImpresa Registry. On Registry International you will find business ideas, proposals and projects of corporate companies, SMEs and start-ups open to collaboration in several sectors.

What are you waiting for? If you are an USA company and you want to create your own international digital network with Italian companies, start-ups and networks, this is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Enroll your company and get the digital identity on Registry’s Blockchain now, start exploiting the potential of the marketplace and the network showcase. Publish your idea to find new partners or apply for an idea to propose your company as a potential partner of the international project.

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