Roma Tre University Technology Offer

Miami Scientific Italian Community in collaboration with Roma Tre University

The office for Innovation and Technology Transfer is entrusted to Vice Rector Prof. Alessandro Toscano, full professor of Electromagnetic Fields at the Department of Engineering.

The transfer of knowledge produced by the university to general society is one of the cornerstones of the university’s third stream mission, and may involve any field of scientific research, from those with a high technological content aimed at industrial exploitation to those not as assessable in commercial terms but intended to innovatively affect social and cultural relations through the production of public social and cultural assets arising from the direct interaction of the university with society.

Underlying Roma Tre University’s third stream innovation and technology transfer activities is the assumption that research outcomes and the development of innovative goods and services can be usefully applied not only for national production system but also for civil society and the common good in general. Under this perspective, technology transfer activities include both knowledge transfer and knowledge transformation. The aim is to play an intermediary role between the university’s offering of technological skills and the territorial demand for innovation through the development of intellectual property and the testing of innovative products and services with high social value.

The actions of the Prorectorate mainly concern the following areas: