The Technology Park

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The Technology Park is a system of advanced facilities and services fostering innovation, development and the industrialization of research. It is located in Rome, Italy and it was established in 1995. It is a vibrant and sustainable industrial place that provides jobs, encourages investment, collaboration and innovation. The Technology Park has been created and implemented with the aim of supporting local innovative entrepreneurs and hi-tech SMEs, also proposing real estate solutions within well equipped areas. From small incubator start-ups through to large multinationals, the Technology Park strive to make every business feel at home with its exceptional range of facilities and support services.


The Technology Park promotes the economic development by leveraging on technology innovation and knowledge. It supports Italian and international companies, research centers and agencies willing to carry out research and experimental production in their sectors. The Technology Park welcomes entrepreneurs and researchers


The Technology Park is situated east of Rome (Italy) on a property of about 70 hectares (173 acres) close to the industrial district hosting Italy’s most important aerospace and electronics companies. The area is only four kilometers from the national

highway network and from Rome’s ring road. It is well connected with the railway systems and can be reached easily from the international airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino.


The Technology Park have fully-serviced offices, labs and open spaces to respond to the needs of companies active in the market and interested in leasing space in the Park.


The Technology Park accommodates startups and small-medium-companies with high innovative ideas, including eventually their own laboratories, while maintaining its mission as a point of conjunction for technology transfer.


The Technology Park is the ideal location for companies that intend to move in an innovative and dynamic environment. It is a strategically successful option for those who want to remain connected with the global economy and production excellence. Choose the Technology Park not only for its breadth of services but also because of its strategic location, in the center of Italy, its capital, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The Technology Park provides a number of services to tenants, ranging from logistics facilities to innovation. In addition, its incubator helps startups and spinoffs through specific and diversified expert advice.

  • SPACES: Customized spaces to accommodate different needs. An innovative, dynamic environment and a strategically successful option for those who want to remain connected with the global economy and production excellence.
  • SERVICES: Support to innovation, internationalization and commercialization of both established companies to startup business are just some of the services offered to companies to enhance their competitiveness and promote new entrepreneurship.
  • THE NETWORK OF THE TECHNOLOGY PARK: The Technology Park is part of an extensive network of companies, associations, institutions, universities and research centers that stimulate the flow and transfer of knowledge and technology. Thanks its location, all companies can participate to the EU calls “Horizon 2020.


The Building «Tecnology» is organized in n. 5 blocks of 3 and up to 4 floors. Each floor can host 250-350 mq offices. It is the suitable place for SMEs, start up, spin offs, and research agencies. Within and close to the same building the users can access to: cafeteria and dining hall, courtyard, car parks, meeting rooms and conference hall. The building «Technology» is set within a well equipped context: installations and broadband optical-fiber cabling all around the Park’s perimeter make it possible to meet all energy and data-transmission needs. «Technology» means: flexibility, multi-purpose spaces, quality and technology.


The companies and research centres wishing to establish their research and pre-competitive development activities at the Park and to benefit from the various advantages it offers. Through its operational management, the Technology Park offers consultancy services to companies that aim to compete globally, and meeting facilities for conferences and business events, in an exclusive and high-tech setting.  The Technology Park, within its mission to support the needs of enterprises in terms of  technology innovation and improvement of their research and development activities, performs constant monitoring of funding opportunities made available by different organizations, such as European Commission, Chamber of Commerce of Rome, Italian  Ministries, etc. The Technology Park, thanks to its stakeholders, has large experience in the field of technology transfer allows the organization to optimize the matching of requests for innovation that arise within SMEs and the funding tool available.  Moreover the Technology Park is constantly looking for new forms of implementation of innovation in enterprises such as cooperative and collaborative research that aim to aggregate small and micro -enterprises in supply chains capable of fulfilling the demand for research and innovation to institutions involved in these tasks (ie universities, research centers).


To join a community of business, be players for the transfer of knowledge, to identify and to strength the technological development paths: these are the reasons why the companies participate in the network aggregation of the Technology Park. The Technology Park through the technology building comprising laboratories, scientific machinery and equipment and know-how available for use by all tenants and local enterprises. Besides general logistics, maintenance, tenancy and guest services, the  park offers a broad range of specialised services for technology development. The conditions in the Park will be such that each research centre, business and laboratory will have the possibility to develop appropriate synergies, collaborations and relationships, and will be able to exploit a comprehensive range of value-add services. These services will be made available and co-ordinated by the Park’s management and development companies.

Angela Ciancia