Turning Point

Turning Point” is the new project dedicated to the internationalization of companies working in the field of industrial and creative design. Powered by Consorzio Roma Ricerche, it was presented by Unindustria to the “Call Internationalization” of the Lazio Region “LR n. 5 of 2008 “Discipline of regional interventions to support the internationalization of small and medium enterprises in the Lazio” – “Expression of Interest.


22 Companies and Start-up, with their headquarters within the Region of Lazio, that have high technological products with particular reference:

  • Graphics and visual communication – “graphic design” and most recently of “communication design” (communication design);
  • Cars: – “car design” (car design);
  • Clothing – “fashion design” (fashion design);
  • Furnishing – “furniture design” (furniture design);
  • lighting – “lighting design” (lighting design);
  • Fitting – “exhibition design” (design of the stands);
  • Color – “color design” (color design);
  • Internet – “web design” (design of the web);
  • “yacht design”.

Turning Point aims at promoting the culture of design in broadly manner and at enhancing the interaction with companies operating in those strategic sectors recognized by the European Union (creative industries, green economy, mobility, factory of the future, social wellbeing, etc.).

Moreover the project is willing to promote companies operating in the sectored connected to the culture of the Italian Way of Life (tourism and cultural heritage, food, fashion, etc.).

A “scientific committee“ with well-known experts will be established to select through a “call for entries” products with innovative designs. These products will be presented to North American operators and investors.

Therefore, a “Street Challenge” will be organized and will involve young designers.

The project will conclude an event held at the Polo Tecnologico Tiburtino, open to professionals, investors, institutions and media: a four-day b2b meetings event, B2I, technical seminars with speakers of national and international level. During the event, companies will be able to present them their productions and take part to technical workshops. For each company the organizers will create an B2B agenda with a traders and investors from North America selected by Italian Chambers of Commerce in Miami, Toronto, and Cuba.

Turning point will give the following opportunities to the participating companies:

  1. 1. Meet new international technological / financial partners;
  2. 2. Promote new products / services to the international market;
  3. 3. Find partners for research projects


    1. United States of America
    2. Canada
    3. Cuba



  • export check-up with a SWOT analysis of the company / product with preliminary analysis of the markets of potential interest and definition of target customers/partners;
  • Analysis of the industry, the competitive environment and the market for the products / services of the company and assessment of business skills;
  • Market analysis and identification of potential clients / partners through the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad;
  • Selection of counterparts in the North American markets through the three Italian Chambers of Commerce;
  • Marketing of the company profiles and catalogues;
  • Support in contact with customers of your interest;
  • Support activities with customers located in areas;
  • APP catalogue containing the participating companies in the project.
  • Participation to the “call for entries” for selection of innovative productions to be presented to the North American markets.


  • Meetings among participating companies, research centers and universities involved in the project, aiming at creating and facilitating integration of the proposed technologies, in order to create an new offers that are more suitable with  international clients;
  • Organization of workshop with the participation of large-scale companies aiming at developing new innovative projects.


  1. Participation in the event, which will be organized in Rome with b2b B2I;
  2. Incoming of foreign delegation;
  3. Follow-up in the maintenance, management and development of commercial contact (realized through support technical-consulting on issues such as: customs legislation, taxation and international contracts, transport and currency regulations).


  • A commitment to pursue a develop new strategy for your company in the North American markets;
  • Willing to work the other companies  with the goal of creating synergies;
  • Information and materials translated into English (it will help the organizers to promote your company in international markets;
  • The direct involvement of your managers;
  • Technological expertise and excellence in terms of value proposition.

Info: international@un-industria.it