Welcome to Unirete!

Aiming to promote the growth of companies from Latium associated to Unindustria, Unirete is the largest B2B initiative: the largest network of businesses in Rome and Latium!

With Unirete, Unindustria promotes networking amongst its 3,600 member companies, and some 50,000 stakeholders that have already submitted their profile and have been connected online through our business-matching platform.

After the great success of our two-day meeting, held on November 13th and 14th 2014 at EUR’s “Palazzo dei Congressi”, meetings between participants and potential new partners have been scheduled until July 31st 2015.

These meetings are held in offices provided by Unindustria all across Latium; Unindustria’s international offices are willing facilitate and promote encounters between associate businesses and potential foreign buyers

With Unirete, enterprises are at the core of the network.

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