14th Conference of the Italian Researchers in the world

14th Conference of the Italian Researchers in the world has been organized by Miami Scientific Italian Community for the first time in Miami.

The 14th Conference of the Italian Researchers in the World, inaugurated at Miami Dade College in Florida, was held in order to emphasize and highlight the work of the Italian researchers in the United States who operate in the area of science, technology, medicine, and humanities.

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The annual event of the Comitato Tricolore per gli Italiani nel Mondo was hosted for the first time in Miami and it was organized by the Miami Scientific Italian Community (MSIC) with the aim of joining Universities and Research Hubs, in Italy and in the USA, paving the connection between the researchers from the two countries.

The meeting was an opportunity to introduce and present activities and patents developed by Italian researchers with a presence in the USA, with the aim of creating long lasting relationships that will enrich their valuable scientific work of research done worldwide.

All the papers presented are precise and thorough, which encourages us who are working towards excellence in innovation and actively promoting the value of the Italian know-how with respect to scientific research. The exceptional skills of Italian researchers represent a highly valuable heritage really important for the economic development of Italian industries, the system and the institutional relations that foster greater collaboration and support”.

Our goal is to reaffirm the important contributions and leadership of our researchers in foreign markets, for those who are permanently present in the USA, by supporting the creation of the Italy-US institutional informative networks on topics and opportunities offered by both markets, and also to share new business models and innovative strategies by generating new dynamics and flows of knowledge and investments”.

The Miami Scientific Italian Community’s President, Fabio De Furia received the Diploma di Onore from Comitato Tricolore per gli Italiani nel Mondo in recognition of his commitment and work owm strengthening the economic and scientific relations between Italy and the United States.

Vincenzo Arcobelli, President of the Comitato Tricolore per gli Italiani nel Mondo, introduced the MSIC President,highlighting how he is held in high esteem in the Italian system, as a leading figure in the diplomatic scene of our country;he read the motivation mentioned in the Diploma of Honor awarded for special merits “Dr. Fabio De Furia, authenticItalian, Ambassador of Italy in the world. He stood out with dedication and ability in keeping up the good name of Italyabroad and defending the interests of Italians wherever they reside. He has also been able to promote the Italian excellence, to carry out different activities such as the Leonardo’s Way project and the PMI DAY in U.S., and to help foster scientific and economic relations between Italy and the USA”.

While receiving his Diploma, the President De Furia recalled “Our excellence abroad today is represented by those companies that daily compete on international markets with their own know-how and product. The activities of MSIC and its partners are precisely aimed to foster relations among researchers, to make technologies available, and to supportthe Italian system in the American market, to offer them all the epitome of Innovation, Research, Technological Transfer, Infrastructures, and Partnerships in order to reach a more profitable International Cooperation”.

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