A Coloring Book of Women Pioneers in STEM

Visibility and recognition of women and minorities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is a vital component of fostering greater diversity and equity for under-represented groups in the next generation of scientific leaders.

“Think Like A Girl: A Coloring Book of Women Pioneers in STEM” has been launched to celebrate the scientific careers and contributions of 19 outstanding scientists.

The coloring book includes descriptions of each of the 19 featured scientists’ work, accompanied by illustrations of the scientists, as well as a list of organizations that support gender equity and diversity in STEM.

The Vilcek Foundation honors diversity in STEM through the Vilcek Prizes and Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science, and the Vilcek-Gold Award for Humanism in Healthcare. These awards recognize the contributions of immigrants to scientific research and discovery, and to medicine and healthcare in the United States. All of the women featured in the book are not only important women leaders in STEM, they are immigrants to the United States who have been recognized by the Vilcek Foundation.

“Women and girls are continuously breaking down barriers to empower others to join the collective force towards scientific advancement,” writes Pardis Sabeti in the book’s introduction. “Scientific ingenuity thrives on creativity, inquisitive minds, and true diversity of thought, ideas, and experiences.”

In support of educating and inspiring audiences of all ages, the Vilcek Foundation shares “Think Like A Girl: A coloring Book of Women Pioneers in STEM” as a free download.




Source Vilcek Foundation




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