A message from Melissa Medina CEO of eMerge Americas to our President Fabio De Furia

Dear Fabio,

Ten years ago, eMerge Americas was founded with a mission to help foster a thriving tech and entrepreneurial hub in Miami. What occurred over the next decade goes far beyond our wildest dreams for the Magic City. Miami is now the #2 city in the nation for tech job growth and migration, located in the #1 region for startup activity, and is ranked 6th nationally as a startup ecosystem outpacing Austin, Seattle, Chicago, and more!It is with immense pride for the eMerge team and our community that I share with you the eMerge Americas Economic Impact Report highlighting the impact eMerge has made over the last decade.

This independent study conducted by the Washington Economics Group revealed several areas where eMerge has generated positive growth, including:

  • Job Growth: eMerge Americas has generated over 10,000 jobs in the state of Florida. Moreover, 81% of these jobs are high-earning, high-wage positions.
  • Growth + Capital: The economic impact of eMerge Americas on Florida amounts to over $2.6 billion.
  • The Startup Ecosystem: In 2023, 53% of the cohorts consisted of minority/underrepresented founders. In all, companies that have been a part of the eMerge Americas Accelerator + Showcase have gone on to raise nearly $2 billion. As of May 2024, 72% of the cohorts consisted of minority/underrepresented founders and alumni companies have gone on to raise over $2.5 billion.

We’d like to take a moment to say thank you. We would not be where we are without you and your support. This is a team and community effort! We may be closing out our 10th year anniversary celebrations, but we’re just getting started. Our impact and our work will continue!

Join us for the next eMerge Americas Conference + Expo on March 27+28, 2025 to experience a global tech economy firsthand.


 Melissa Medina Co-Founder and CEO, eMerge Americas




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