A virtual bridge between Apulian companies and the rest of the world

It’s the birth of “Business Place Puglia,” the new “piazza” of Apulian companies in partnership with Miami Scientific Italian Community for the United States

Business Place Puglia, a virtual place to exchange products and services, but also knowledge and skills, resources and uniqueness, oriented to launch business ideas, interchange supply chain phases, seek business aggregations or specific consulting.

An exclusive space oriented to foster business matching and business community management. The initiative is from the Piccola Industria Committee of Confindustria Puglia, chaired by Teresa Caradonna, National Vice President of Piccola Industria. “It is a platform aimed at regional and national Confindustria members, at the international universe of companies, professionals, International, and intergovernmental organizations,” explains President Caradonna. “Its vision, however, is broader and more ambitious as it intercepts digitally a strategic lever capable of accelerating interconnection opportunities and sharing innovative projects for the growth of the supply chain in which it operates.”

The project was presented during the event “Digital Networking, New Visions for SMEs”. After introducing the Confindustria Puglia’s President Sergio Fontana and Teresa Caradonna, others intervened, including the Rector of the Politecnico di Bari Francesco Cupertino, the RetImpresa’s Director Carlo La Rotonda, the Miami Scientific Italian Community’s President Fabio De Furia, the Marshmallow Games co-founder and the InnovUp President Cristina Angelillo and the LUM University Management Engineering Associate Pasquale del Vecchio. All moderated by the journalist Antonio Procacci. The conclusions were entrusted to Gianluca Lattanzi, the project manager of Business Place Puglia.

Facilitated flows and exchanges of expertise stimulate the search for the best solutions to drive all networked businesses toward a global innovation and development scenario. “Not only that,” assures President Caradonna. “Through the business matching, it is possible to keep financial spending under control, reduce investments, accelerate production processes and share successes. Business Place Puglia is an ambitious but concrete business model: we want to create and facilitate through the digital channel, virtuous alliances where the paths of growth and innovation are equally distributed among all the players involved. Being part of it means pressing on the accelerator of business innovation, it means playing a common game, each in its own role, to achieve a quick and overwhelming victory.”


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Video event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whnIBDjvHW0





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