Alberto Riva, PhD, Scientist will attend the 4th Annual Meeting of European Scientific Diasporas in North America: INNOVATION TO SOCIETY

Launched in 2015, the aim of the European Scientific Diasporas (ESD) annual meetings is to allow leaders and members of European Scientific Diasporas in North America to meet, discuss and exchange concepts about their research projects, professional and personal experiences in their respective diasporas and overall career path. Each year, a topic is chosen based on our interactions with the European Scientific Diasporas and their respective councils to address areas of most relevance, interest and impact to the advancement of science. You may explore the reports for each of our 1st Annual Meeting at the Spain Arts & Culture Center in 2015, 2nd Annual Meeting at the Embassy of Slovakia in 2016 (Theme: Mentoring), and 3rd Annual Meeting at the Embassy of France in 2017 (Theme: Science Communication).

The overarching theme for ESD18 is ‘Innovation to Society’. This one-day event will celebrate and promote Europe as a hub for scientific research and innovation impacting society. It will hold a series of panels discussing the various roles and achievements of European Scientific Diasporas in North America as well as the opportunities and resources available for them to connect and collaborate with Europe. We are expecting 120-150 participants.

Objectives of the event:

  1. To promote ERA as a pioneer in innovative solutions for global societal challenges
  2. To valorize EURAXESS as a gateway to ERA
  3. To feature European led strides and achievements in the field of innovation in 2018
  4. To increase the EURAXESS North America membership base through success stories from European Scientific Diaspora leaders on the role of EURAXESS in facilitating their efforts in research career development in North America
  5. To provide a networking opportunity for the European and North American scientific communities and science policy makers

Target audience: The event will be open to all researchers in North America, this includes European researchers as well as current, previous and potential North American (Canada/US) researchers who have or would like to benefit from European research grants to further their careers. Representatives from European Embassies, North American universities, industry & partners are also expected to attend and participate.





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