Automated wastewater management system

Wastewater often shows high concentrations of pollutants: nitrates, ammonia, nitrogen, phosphor. In order for wastewater to be reused, such compounds must be removed. The patented system allows an efficient, low-cost, automated control of the processes for a complete nitrogen removal, also ensuring energy savings through a simplified and more efficient management of the aeration system.

The apparatus consists of an anoxic – oxygen depleted – tank in which a denitrification process takes place, and also of an aerobic tank, suitable to receive wastewater from the anoxic tank and in which a nitrification process takes place. A recirculation system for transfer of wastewater from the aerobic to the anoxic tank is also provided. Only two probes for measuring pH and the redox potential in both tanks are needed. By means of continuous analysis of these two parameters, the operation of compressor unit for aeration, accounting in traditional systems for up to 75% of energy consumption, can be reduced, and the whole operation and control can be made much simpler. The invention allows to equip medium-small treatment plants, which make up about 80% of total plants, with automated treatment systems, saving up substantially on operating costs.

Possible Applications

Medium-small treatment plants;
Plant managers;
Water treatment companies.


Pollutants reduction;
Energy saving;
Operating cost reduction.


Discovery more on Technology Transfer System of the ENEA, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development




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