Characterization and engineering of biomolecules and biotechnologies for agriculture, industry and analysis

This research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of biological systems involved in agri-food and biotechnological progress, human health and eco-sustainable development. Multidisciplinary investigations in this line deal with functional and molecular studies on proteins, enzymes and microorganisms (archaea and bacteria as a source of hyperstable biocatalizers), and with physiological studies of eucaryotes (plants, algae, filamentous fungi, polar marine organisms, insect host/parasitoid systems). Practical applications and deliverables of the above studies are important for the green chemistry (biocatalysis, biotransformations, biofuel production and high-valuable molecules from wastes, microoganisms and plants as cell factories) and for the sustainable development of agri-food (weed control, growth enhancement of leguminosae and cereals, biorefinery).

Edited by: Institute of plant genetics – IBBR




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