Confindustria, four gentlemen at the service of enterprises and Italy

Confindustria has four candidates for the presidency

The wise men and the board of arbitrators of Confindustria gave the green light to nominations for the presidency of Confindustria to Edoardo Garrone President of ERG, Antonio Gozzi, President of Duferco, Alberto Marenghi, CEO of Cartiera Mantovana and Emanuele Orsini, CEO of Sistem Costruzioni. The confederation is headed by a president, elected every four years. He is supported by vice presidents, who are entrusted with operational responsibilities.

The General Confederation of Italian Industry commonly known as Confindustria, is the leading representative organization of Italian manufacturing and service enterprises, grouping together on a voluntary basis more than 150,000 enterprises and over 5,439,370 employees. It aims to help Italy’s economic growth, assisting, in doing so, its members.

The association’s activities are aimed at guaranteeing the central importance of companies, the driver’s of Italy’s economic, social and civil development. By representing companies and their values at institutions of all levels, Confindustria contributes to social well-being and progress, and from this standpoint guarantees increasingly diversified, efficient and modern services.

Confindustria’s value system is founded on representation, a united, organic, and strategic representation of business interests, an associational identity based on the free market, the importance of entrepreneurship and business, accountability, and sustainability.

These are values derived from the principles of legality and respect for associational rules, accountability as an essential element at all levels (associational, entrepreneurial, and institutional), ethics, and transparency, all of which are necessary for the development of healthy economic activity and a free and conscious civil society.

Confindustria’s value system promotion is a strategic goal to deepen the relationship with member entrepreneurs, attract new ones, and guide them on a path where involvement in association life becomes fundamental.




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