Confindustria, Orsini era begins: here are all the names of the new leadership team

The General Council of Confindustria, on the proposal of the President-designate Emanuele Orsini, approved today the presidential team for the 2024-2028 four-year period.

Ten elective Vice Presidents who will side Orsini, three of them confirmed: Francesco De Santis, who will continue his commitment to Research and Development; Maurizio Marchesini, who, after following the Files and Medium Enterprises, will have the delegation on Labor and Industrial Relations and Stefan Pan, who will continue the work done in Europe in the past four years as a Delegate of the President, with the Vice President for the European Union and the Relationship with European Confindustries.

The other elective members of the presidential team are: Lucia Aleotti, to whom the Vice President for the Studi Centre will go; Angelo Camilli for Credit, Finance and Tax; Barbara Cimmino who will follow Export and Investment Attraction.

Vincenzo Marinese will be entrusted with the responsibility of the Organization and Relations with the territories and categories, while Natale Mazzuca will have the delegation to Strategic Policies and the Development of the Middle East. Marco Nocivelli will be assigned the new delegate on industrial policies and Made in Italy, while Lara Ponti will deal with Environmental Transition and ESG objectives.

The three Vice Presidents of Law, Giovanni Baroni, President of Piccola Industria, Riccardo Di Stefano, President of  Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori of Confindustria and Annalisa Sassi, President of the Council of Regional Representatives.

The President-designate will retain the responsibility for some major strategic chapters: Digital Transition, Business Culture and Legal Certainty.

Finally, the 2024-2028 team, at the request of the President-designate, will also benefit from the contribution of three Special Advisors: Antonio Gozzi with responsibility for European Strategic Autonomy, Mattei Plan and Competitiveness, Gianfelice Rocca for Life Sciences, and Alberto Tripi for Artificial Intelligence.

Closing the Council meeting, President-designate Orsini thanked Ambassador Langella for his work and announced that until his next assignment, he will be at the President-designate’s side as diplomatic advisor.

The new Director General will be Maurizio Tarquini.




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