Cyber 4.0 and Cicero together for the Innovation

Teodoro Valente, Pro-Rector for research, innovation and technology transfer of Sapienza University of Rome, member of the International Advisory Board of Miami Scientific Italian Community and president of the Competence Center Cyber 4.0, signs agreement with Cicero, the Digital Innovation Hub of the Lazio, promoted by Unindustria, Federlazio and Cna dedicated to Cybersecurity and its specific thematic declinations: E-Health, Automotive and space.

This agreement strengthens Lazio’s offer of digital innovation, especially for the SMEs that are the backbone of our production system. Thanks to the agreement between Cyber 4.0′ and ‘Cicero’, the smes will have a gateway to the great specialisations and technologies of the Competence Center, an even bigger advantage today, especially in this Phase 3 where the digital transformation will be central to getting out of this delicate stage for all the enterprises.

Attention to computer security is a guarantee successful digital projects for all companies. Lazio has what it takes to become a great region.

The understanding between ‘Cyber 4.0’ and ‘Cicero’ is part of the initiatives of the National Enterprise Plan. 4.0, which provides for synergy between the Digital Innovation hubs regional, which have the role of stimulating demand for innovation of enterprises, strengthen their level of knowledge, and of awareness of the opportunities of Enterprise 4.0 and Competence Centres that have a national character and are equipped with
of high technological expertise.

In particular ‘Cyber 4.0’, will provide the enterprises, demonstrations and orientation activities also through the management of laboratories and support for the analysis of the digital needs of the companies concerned, identified with the support of Cicero Dih Lazio.






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