A note from Felice Gorordo CEO of eMerge Americas on the Miami Tech Ecosystem

We are excited to present our latest Insights report reflecting the thriving South Florida tech ecosystem. Through research and data analysis, the eMerge Americas team, with the help of our eMerge Insights editor Nancy Dahlberg, are dedicated to providing you with an in-depth analysis of the state of the ecosystem.

South Florida has emerged as a global tech hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in recent years, driven by a diverse tech and startup community. Our report highlights the key trends that are contributing to this growth, including healthcare, fintech, and diversity in venture capital.

One of the most notable trends we have observed is the strength and resilience that the South Florida ecosystem has sustained during a more challenging period for investment and funding everywhere else. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the recent economic shifts, venture capital investment in South Florida remained positive and grew steadily by 125% through a less than ideal year in 2022, indicating an adaptable and ever-growing ecosystem that is attracting significant attention from investors – especially when other more established tech hubs like New York and San Francisco seem to be contracting.

Fintech is a  sector that continues to grow rapidly in South Florida, with several startups emerging to tackle challenges in the financial services industry (in and outside of crypto and blockchain). Our report provides an overview of the fintech landscape in the region.

Another key trend we have observed is the continued rise of healthcare innovation in South Florida. With a growing number of healthcare startups in the region and the second largest health district in the country, healthtech has become a steady driver of innovation and job creation in Miami. Our report includes data on the amount and percentage of venture capital dollars invested in the industry, as well as a few South Florida companies to keep an eye on.

Finally, we highlight the role of diversity in the South Florida tech and startup ecosystem. As a major hub for international trade and commerce, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in venture capital has become an important factor – and challenge – to be addressed by the greater community. Our report includes data on some of those challenges and opportunities for helping bridge divides in the ecosystem.

We hope that our report provides valuable insights and information for you and your business, and we’re excited to see how the South Florida tech and startup community continues to thrive and grow in 2023! You can access the report here.



Source: eMerge Americas




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