Fiuggi reopens its thermal baths and begins major transformation

The season at Terme di Fiuggi starts! The new industrial group that sees together Confindustria’s vice president Maurizio Stirpe, the president of Unindustria Cassino Francesco Borgomeo, the owner of Matera’s Grand Hotel Gattini Nicola Benedetto, and the former Ferrovie dello Stato chief executive Gianfranco Battisti, has bought Terme di Fiuggi along with the assets of the bottling, sports facilities, golf course and spa.

The Terme reopen tomorrow but this will not be the season of the turning point: “In a month and a half of work we have begun to lay the foundations for a major transformation that will involve the entire area. We are kicking off, everything is in progress, it will take a year before we see results,” explain the company.




Fonte Bonifacio VIII will specialize in the medical scientific through a collaboration with the polyclinic Gemelli to start a program of ‘longevity’ i.e. cures and treatments to reduce the aches and pains determined by age. There will be ‘anti-aging’ treatments and a national center of excellence in the lithiasis.

Fonte Anticolana, on the other hand, will have the vocation of entertainment with cultural events and shows, with the ambition of becoming the regional leisure center. Musical events, successful book presentations, initiatives for children, conferences with a medical-scientific character have been organized for this season. A whole transformation of the areas with Arab tents that characterize the spa has started: they will become in the coming months showcases for major national fashion brands.

Acqua di Fiuggi is about to return to foreign markets thanks to contracts signed in these days with Arkansas (U.S.) and Japan; in Canada there will be an initial supply of half a million bottles. The spa and the wellness center could open within a few months with the birth of a cosmetic surgery hub. Fiuggi’s water, thermal bath, and sports facilities in January were moved from Fiuggi (in the city of Frosinone) to the Salus per Aquam SpA company and other two companies: Atf – Acqua e Terme di Fiuggi SpA and GoWe – Golf and Wellness Srl.




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