Hydrogen for a green future online event

Ready to start with the 12th Edition of the International Conference on Hydrogen Production (ICH2P-2021), organised by CNR-ITM (Dept. DSCTM-CNR) and CNR-ITAE (Dept. DIITET-CNR), chaired by Dr. Adolfo Iulianelli (CNR ITM) & Dr. Antonio Vita (CNR-ITAE), under the patronage of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy.

The ICH2P-2021 edition will be focused on the scientific developments on the sustainable generation of hydrogen via electrolysis, solar, wind, biological, catalytic and photo-catalytic based systems, paying particular attention to the production of hydrogen from renewables. Furthermore, the conference will provide the opportunity to share the latest researches on hydrogen utilization in transportation, fuel cells, for greenhouse gases mitigation, and industry, as well as on hydrogen storage (chemical carriers, hydrides, gas, liquefaction) and other emerging applications for industrial hydrogen generation and purification including the contribution of membrane engineering and hydrogen opportunities in space missions. ICH2P-2021 will offer a virtual forum where latest advances, technical information and dissemination of research projects in the areas of hydrogen production, separation and utilization can be shared, favoring exciting debates on the future directions and priorities of the hydrogen economy for a greener and sustainable future.

The conference is mainly directed to researchers, scientists, engineers and stakeholders involved in the field of hydrogen generation and utilization technologies, ranging from theoretical investigations to technical developments, industry, management and marketing. In this edition, a particular emphasis will be given on specific thematics involving green hydrogen production through the exploitation of renewable sources and eco-friendly technological systems.


Source: CNR Italian National Research Council




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