Impacting jets burner

The invention is a burner with jets having opposite direction. It involves a combustion chamber and at least one jet from a direction opposite to the other, to produce an effective mixing through a frontal impact between the oxidizer and the fuel. An alternative solution forecasts a second fuel injection nozzle. The first and second nozzle are arranged to produce an opposite flow of the reactants.

The invention deals with a new concept of burner, whose reactants impinge each other in opposite flow. Two configurations are possible. The first (see side figure) for gas fuels, foresees two gas ducts, one to distribute the oxidizer in one direction (no matter which one) and the other to drive the fuel in order to reach the conterflow arrangement. The second (see below figure) for solid fuels (e.g. powder coal, solid waste, sludges, etc) foresees a endless screw to move the fuel to a location where the oxidizer impinges on the fuel free surface. Many alternative configurations are possible, according to the directions where the reactants come from, or the arrangement of different devices: gas distributors, fuel containers, exhaust gas ducts, endless screws, etc.

Possible Applications

High energy efficiency (due to better fluid dynamic configuration);
Lower pressure losses in the reactant ducts and higher combustion efficiency;
Lower production of unburnts and better control of combustion with polluttant reduction.


Engines (earth, sea, air, space);
Heat production (burners, domestic and industrial heaters, etc.);
Incineration plants (waste, sludges, etc.);
Energy production (gas and liquid fuels, solid biomasses, coal, etc.).


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