Italian Innovation: Cosmore brings Miami Real Estate to the Metaverse

Cosmore Real Estate Group (Cosmore) today announces that the launch date for the creation of their new office located in the Metaverse is on track for Mid-September. Cosmore is a trailblazer, being among the first in their industry to offer a full-service, online real estate office in this new virtual space. We are facing a new digital revolution that will reshape our lives, so Cosmore’s goal is to establish a one-of-a-kind, inventive, and custom-designed working environment within the Metaverse. Beginning September 15th, their realtors will be working at their virtual office. There they will be able to meet with buyers and agents, register contracts, and handle communications. They will use a dedicated platform, complete with all the tools they need to easily arrange their daily business in an innovative way.

While their focus is the Miami market, for now, they plan on bringing this service to all 50 states. Cosmore is already an innovator in the digital space, with their revolutionary app built for the real estate business. This latest leap forward is possible thanks to Coderblock’s launch of the “Metaverse” for new business opportunities: an innovative blockchain-based virtual world where people can create their own interconnected land and work, play, live, buy NFT and learn new professions. Following the introduction of the novel idea of remote working with virtual workplaces, Cosmore introduces immersive physical worlds in the Metaverse with exhibition and conference spaces where individuals may travel in the virtual world with their avatars as if they were in the real world. In the near future, people can conduct a property search, view, buy, and sell real estate, as well as explore a career in the industry all online.

Cosmore CEO Piero Ruggeri PhD, member of Miami Scientific Italian Community, is excited about the launch of their presence in the Metaverse, “We are proud to be among the first to bring the Real Estate industry into the dynamics of the Metaverse. We are confident that this will enable us to validate new markets and enhance existing ones. Our goal has always been to improve the quality of working life for our agents and the overall experience of a real estate transaction for our clients. The Metaverse is already an integral part of today’s technology, and we see it as a great opportunity for the Real Estate Industry.”

Cosmore headquarters in Coderblock Metaverse here



Cosmore is the innovative Real Estate Brokerage headquartered in Miami that focuses its processes on User Experience, professionalism, and quality of services for their clients. Cosmore was born as a Real Estate One-Stop-Shop, bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds in all the Real Estate fields. Later evolved into a UX-Designed Brokerage, giving birth to a groundbreaking Digital Ecosystem for agents and clients. Cosmore’s goal is to make the Real Estate transaction simple and safe, reduce risk, act ethically and honestly, and always put the client’s interest first. To do so, it provides agents with ongoing support, custom-built technologies, continuous training, and supervision to help them advance in their real estate careers. They also offer the mentorship of experienced professionals with legal, financial, and technical backgrounds. All this effort allows their Agents to provide outstanding and highly professional service to their clients.

phone :  Miami – 786 536 2344
New York – 212 220 7117





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