Italian National Space Day, Massimiliano Galeazzi at the G.W. Carver School

On December 16th , we celebrate the first Italian National Space Day to champion the importance and value of the “space economy” for the recovery and growth of the Italian economy.

“This is a celebration of Italian imagination and ingenuity. From Galileo using a telescope to look at the sky for the first time, to Samantha Cristoforetti becoming a Commander of the International Space Station, Italy always looks at the sky and remains a World leader of space innovation and technology. The Italian National Space Day is also an opportunity to look at the future, exchange new ideas and projects, strengthen our ties with the United States, and getting ready for the next chapter of space exploration” says Massimiliano Galeazzi, Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics at the University of Miami and Vice President of the Miami Scientific Italian Community.

Galeazzi will participate at the National Space Day Initiative organized by the Italian Consulate in Miami at G. W. Carver. He’ll share his experiences, ideas, and passion for space with the young explorers, future astronauts, and space enthusiasts.



About Italy’s National Space Day

Italy’s “National Space Day” was first inaugurated by the Italian government in 2020 as an occasion to raise awareness on the Italian contributions to global space. The annual celebration repeats every December 16th – marking the launch date of Italy’s San Marco I Satellite Program, solidifying Italy’s position as the third nation, after the U.S. and the Soviet Union, to achieve a physical presence in space.




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