Italy, beautiful and resourceful. Start the PMI DAY in U.S.

Good morning,

Welcome to USA edition of the Thirteenth PMI DAY – the National Small and Medium Enterprises Day organized by Piccola Industria of Confindustria (the General Confederation of Italian Industry).

Today the Small and Medium-sized Italian Companies operating in the USA will be protagonist of the PMI DAY.

The theme of the 2022 edition is BEAUTY. The beauty of Italian know-how, stemming from the skills, values, culture and ties to our country. The beauty of doing well and doing together, an expression of innovation and creativity and the heritage of knowledge and traditions that derive from the history and culture of the communities of which Italian SMEs are an integral part. Beauty as freedom, justice, tolerance, solidarity and legality.

The goal of PMI DAY is to promote the entrepreneurial culture of Made in Italy with young students and to help bringing the worlds of school and enterprise closer.

The initiative is coordinated by Claudia Sartirani and as customarily coinciding with Confindustria Business Culture Week. It is included in the European SMEs Week promoted by the European Commission.

In the USA, the project is promoted by Miami Scientific Italian Community in synergy with the Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C. and its Diplomatic Consular Network, ABROAD TO (the Community of Italian Companies), California Scientific Italian Community, ODLI (the Organization for the Development of Italian Studies), Retimpresa (the Italian Agency of Confindustria for Business Network and Aggregations) and Texas Scientific Italian Community.

This year’s data is very comforting and continues to amaze. This increase can be attributed mainly to the constant dissemination efforts throughout the year, with the involvement of traditional partners and the Consular Diplomatic Network, 10 Italian Consulates in the U.S., the participation of the leaders of Piccola Industria di Confindustria with connections from Italy and word of mouth.

The number of students per state varies significantly from a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 40 per meeting.

American schools with Italian language courses, in learning contexts ranging from public and private schools to universities, maintain a “hard core” of students, who remain attached to our language and culture throughout their lives.

We will bring young students in direct contact with the real world of businesses, to show them that our work is made of concrete commitment and passion, always alongside our collaborators, while keeping sight on changes and being open to innovation. We want to stimulate young American students to keep an optimistic outlook of the future, and to show them that we manufacture the best products in the world and that with our innovative production processes, we will help them becoming protagonists of the globalized economy.

I am confident on the positive impact and sustained repercussions of this annual event for the years to come, hoping in its integration with the projects in support of Made in Italy in the United States.

I wish you all a productive and enjoyable PMI Day. Good work and to all my most sincere gratitude.


Fabio De Furia 
President of Miami Scientific Italian Community 


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