Made in Italy: Not only food and fashion – We are ready to export and make our talents and technologies known

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Facilitate the creation of institutional information networks between Italy and United States on issues and opportunities offered by both markets, intercept and share new business models and innovative strategies (know-how and innovative services) and generate outgoing and incoming processes by permanently monitoring the territory.

Innovating ourselves in continuity: consolidating what has been achieved to build new strategies is the path that has enabled setting up an operational desk in Miami, Florida for Italian universities as well as public and private research centers that intend to introduce their products and processes with high added value and/or promote collaborations in the South East states of the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean.

We want to promote the Made in Italy skills that, with their innovative energy, represent an opportunity for growth of the Italian system. Not only food and fashion, therefore, but talent and excellence in sectors with high-rate of innovation to stimulate and encourage a virtuous circuit for the transfer of technology from our universities and research centers to relevant counterparts on the territory.

Industrial competitiveness, especially in international contexts, is strongly linked to technological innovation processes. The ability to rely on state-of-the-art technologies in their products and services is one of the main assets for those companies that operate daily in the most competitive markets.

We are living in a time where everything is fast, like fast fashion. In contrast to the fast food trend, slow-food was born; so why not to inaugurate slow-Technology, where you can flavor and enjoy another taste of Italy – to stay on the subject of food? Market surveys try to understand what future would the Made in Italy have. There is no need for a great expert to come to the conclusion that our technologies are among the most desirable.

Miami Scientific Italian Community continues with satisfaction its relational path with the American system that shows an increasing interest in the context of innovation ‘Made in Italy’, and in the world of the applied research strongly developed by our partners that make Italian companies compete and develop, and not only” commented Fabio De Furia, President of Miami Scientific Italian Community, at the margin of the opening of Art Basel. “Italian’s skills and knowledge in the scientific and technological fields are internationally recognized and – concludes De Furia – our goal is to continue promoting Italian excellence in the field of technology transfer and innovation research toward stimulating international scientific collaborations and thus facilitating the internationalization of our production with an eye on the attractiveness of investments.”




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