MDC’s School of Engineering and Technology to Offer IoT Applications Program in the Fall

Miami, July 9, 2018 Beginning in the fall, Miami Dade College’s (MDC) School of Engineering and Technology (EnTec) will offer a new Associate in Science degree in IoT Applications, a growing technology bound to change the way we do nearly everything.

The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, refers to physical devices embedded with software and sensors connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data, such as smart homes devices, smart watches, and connected cars. These days, IoT’s are being used across many industries, from healthcare to agriculture.

As this computer-driven technology continues to grow, so does demand for workers with highly specialized skills to develop, deploy and support connected devices.

MDC’s IoT Applications program prepares students with multidisciplinary workforce skills for immediate employment and career experience and provides an accelerated credential that fulfils the local demand. Students will learn how to develop applications in the dominant programing languages used in IoT, design and simulate the functioning of the devices, and build physical prototypes., while simultaneously building their portfolios.

Graduates can pursue various in-demand jobs with this unique skill-set, including IoT programmer, developer or consultant; Connected Devices Support Specialist; Embedded Software Developer, Production Application Assistant; and Rapid Prototyping Assistant, among others.

The IoT Applications program will be available at the Hialeah and Wolfson Campuses.

Registration is open for MDC’s fall term, which begins August 27. For more information, or to register, please call 305- 237-8888, or visit Download the My MDC app to browse classes, check financial aid, view campus maps and much more.

About EnTec
MDC’s School of Engineering and Technology has designed its programs and curricula to provide students with exciting opportunities, the highest quality education and a variety of options to achieve success. With more than 30 degrees to choose from, our students are able to find an education that best suits their needs. With input from industry partners including Florida Power & Light, IBM and Black & Decker, our courses deliver the education that the nation’s top employers are looking for. To learn more, visit





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