Sabrina Lucibello has been appointed Member of MSIC’s International Advisory Board

Sabrina Lucibello is an Architect, PhD and Associate Professor in Industrial Design, President of the Bachelor Degree in Design Sapienza University of Rome and she is the Executive Director in Saperi & Co., the Center of Enhances, Research, Innovation and Co-working, of the Sapienza University.

She is continually involved in scientific research and applied experimentation work in the Department of Planning, Design and Architectural Technology at Sapienza University in Rome in the specific area of Industrial Design ICAR 13, focusing in particular on matters regarding design materials, developing technology transfer operations of materials and technologies for the realization of new concepts of artifacts.

She followed the International Master (Geneva-Paris-Barcelona) of ‘Habitat – Santé – Urgence’ programme at the IUG in Geneva (Switzerland) and received a DEA after presenting a thesis entitled ‘La perception de l’usager’. In 2003 she was awarded a PhD in Technology for Architecture and Design. Her thesis was entitled ‘The five senses of materials’ and it was published in 2005 (Editrice Librerie Dedalo: Sabrina Lucibello, ‘Materiali@design’, Rome, 2005).

In 2000 she began teaching in the workshops for Design and Environmental Design and Technology as part of the Sapienza Design Degree Courses. She also taught and coordinated the program Science and Technology on the ‘Advanced Training for Executives in MERCOSUR Countries’ programme (2007-2008 and 2008-2009), which was a cooperation initiative involving Italy and MERCOSUR (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Sapienza).

She has been the Director of the LSD Factory Workshop (2008-2010), at Sapienza University in Rome, where she conducts design experimentation and research, as well as working on the popularization of science and as the editor in chief of DIID_Disegno Industriale | Industrial Design (, an entirely bilingual (Italian and English) bimonthly magazine for which she has also written the Close Up feature since 2003.

She writes with continuity and is responsible for the design section, in magazines such as Arte e Critica (, AR_ Order of Architects’ of Rome magazine. She’s the team co-leader for Sapienza University of Roma design section, for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012.


The MSIC’s International Advisory Board charge is to support the Board of Directors in defining programmatic, strategic and innovative activities, so that they will yield increasingly competitive effects, aiming at the facilitation of the creation of informational institutional Italy-USA networks on topics and opportunities offered by respective markets, intercepting and sharing new and strategic business models, generating outgoing e incoming processes for the development of new enterprises on their respective territories, particularly those with high degree of technological innovation. Thus, the distinguished committee will act on promoting, redirecting and stimulating the development of technologically advanced industrial base, ultimately maximizing the value of the network.




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