“Show and tech – 15 minutes inside innovation”

After “Science is ready” Festival, IIT again proposes an online streaming event in order to show high-tech scientific research, its inventors, and its many possible applications.

“Show and tech – 15 minutes inside innovation” takes inspiration from the Anglo-Saxon “show-and-tell” play to present, with simple language, some of the technologies achieved thanks to the IIT scientific research.

“Show and Tech” will visit the labs of different IIT Centres and some start-ups. Indeed, it will land in different Italian cities, starting from Torino, passing by Milano, Genova, Pontedera, and arriving to Lecce. The program will start on February 24th, 2023, and will continue until December 2023.

The event comprises short interviews with the researchers, who will show his/her technologies, by going into the details of their functions and their applications. They will talk about graphene-based materials, microscopes that allow observing cellular life, optic probes to explore the brain, edible electronics, wearable sensors, new materials for energy and photonics, and nanomaterials for health.

Interviewees will explain 11 technologies in 15 minutes, during the afternoon, offering a nice break from working day to the international public of IIT.

Each episode will be broadcast live on IIT Linkedin page: LinkedIn  

  • February – Giuseppe Vicidomini (IIT, Genova)
  • March – Monica Gori (IIT, Genova)
  • March – Mario Caironi (IIT, Milano)
  • April – Camilla Coletti (IIT, Pisa)
  • April – Andrea Antonini (SmartMicroOptics, Genova)
  • May – Paolo Ariano (More Cognition, Torino)
  • June – Antonio Ambrosio (IIT, Milano)
  • July – Ferruccio Pisanello e Massimo De Vittorio (IIT, Lecce)
  • October – Annamaria Petrozza (IIT, Milano)
  • November – Gianni Ciofani (Kidaria, Pisa)
  • December- Vittorio Pellegrini (BeDimensional, Genova)




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