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The National Research Counsil (CNR) in collaboration with Miami Scientific Italian Community

Miami Scientific Italian Community in collaboration with The Italian National Research Council (CNR)

The Italian National Research Council (CNR) is the largest public research institution in Italy. Founded in 1923, CNR’s mission is to perform research in its own Institutes, to promote innovation and competitiveness of the national industrial system, to promote the internationalization of the national research system, to provide technologies and solutions to emerging public and private needs, to advice Government and other public bodies, and to contribute to the qualification of human resources.

CNR’s activities involve more than 12,000 people, structures in 7 scientific Departments and 102 Institutes with specific leading expertise in technology and science sectors, with more than 330 secondary sites and laboratories in Italy and abroad, including the scientific bases in Arctic and Antarctic Areas.

Techonology Transfer’s activities represent one of the CNR’s main vocation. It means that CNR supports and encourages the protection of intellectual property based on the results of its research activities, the development and the commercial exploitation of technologies and skills, the collaboration between all the stakeholders in the innovation world, and a stable partnership with all the organizations operating in the field of Research and Industry, also at international level. Thanks to this, today CNR is the first among research and university institutions in Italy for number of patents families and spin-off companies.

The volumes below are a concrete example of said mission, since they provide an example of patents, technologies and research results generated by the activities of CNR, as a showcase of collaboration opportunities available, but also as a useful tool for stimulating new partnerships with Industry.

Beyond Research Patents, Innovation

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Micro and Nano – Key enabling technologies at CNR

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