Sapienza University Technology Offer

Miami Scientific Italian Community in collaboration with Sapienza University

Sapienza University of Rome is the largest university in Europe and a leading centre for research. Internationally renowned scientists work in disciplines ranging from the arts and humanities to physics and engineering.

The university continues to welcome highly qualified international researchers and pursue its long history of innovation.

Sapienza carries out important Technology Transfer (TT) activities to promote and share results and knowledge with outside stakeholders.

TT activity is carried out by the Office for Research Enhancement and Innovation.

UVRSI coordinates:

  • processes related to the connection between the University and public/private external individuals from Italy or abroad;
  • development of research, training and experimentation programmes which may be of Sapienza’s interest;
  • enhancement of achieved results and their legal safeguard;
  • transfer of technologies and knowledge of the University to the real world.

UVRSI is divided into 3 areas:

  • Agreements and Consortia
  • Patents
  • Technology Transfer and Spin Off

The office works in synergy with the Vice-Rector and with the Commission for Research and Technology Innovation by:

  • alining its own position to defined strategical issues;
  • providing professional contribution to the initiatives and projects Sapienza is interested in.

TT activities that strengthen links between the scientific and business community include:

  • organising group meetings inside departments, with a special focus on young researchers, in order to encourage entrepreneurial culture;
  • creating training courses for young researchers that help them understand the potential of their activities and improve their ability to transform innovative ideas into commercial realities;
  • creating “open spaces” for the development of innovative ideas/products by Sapienza students;
  • matching the Athenaeum’s specialists with national/international funding opportunities;
  • promoting structured actions through partnerships with entrepreneurial/institutional entities;
  • brand valorisation activities for Sapienza.

Sapienza University Technology Offer