University Teachers and Students: effect of the pandemic – web survey

ASLERD (Association for Smart Learning Ecosystem and Regional Development) is an international association that recently has conducted several surveys in Italy either at national (University Teachers, Schools Teachers and Parents) and local level (University Students, High Schools Teachers, Students and Parents) to gather the feeling of the actors of the educational processes on distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the Memorandum of Understanding between Miami Scientific Italian Community and ASLERD we intend to investigate the effect of the pandemic on the educational processes in U.S. and in particular feeling and opinions of University Teachers and Students.

We have prepared two questionnaires for University Teachers and Students that are now available on-line and accepting responses:

• Me and distance learning at Covid-19 time – University Teacher

• Me and the distance learning – University Student

The expected filling time is between 15′ and 20′.

Thanks in advance for the time you will spend in expressing your opinions and feeling.






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