The Italian Research Cities Business Model spreads in different States in the U.S.

De Furia: after the Miami Scientific Italian Community and the Texas Scientific Italian Community, it’s time for the California Scientific Italian Community.

Italian researchers, Italian Universities and Researcher Centers, Italian private and public organizations, will have the institutional aim of making a link between Italian University and Industrial world to foster the transfer of Innovative technologies and support the competitiveness of the Italian and American Industrial system.

The technological transfer and exploitation of the applied research results are gaining an increasing role in the dynamics of modern economic development and social systems, especially for an Industrial mark characterized by the strong presence of small and medium enterprises.

The need to promote the technological Innovation’s transfer from the research world to the industrial world during recent years, has become more and more pressing, even with the growing markets globalization. For the Small and Medium Enterprises, which generally not have valid research facilities, the acquisition of new technologies is really important in order to achieve or maintain a competitive position on national and international markets.

“In this scenario – said Fabio De Furia President of the MSIC – the California Scientific Italian Community intends to exploit its uniqueness, with an intense work on the field. It is composed of Italian Universities, Italian Research Organizations, Italian Large Enterprises, Italian Entrepreneurial Representative Systems and Italian Public Economic Entities which act as a link for technology’s transfer between the world of basic research, applied research and companies operating in the territory”. 

“Furthermore – he continues – we will promote the aggregation of SMEs in cooperative research programs, contributing to the definition of integrated proposals, optimizing the methods of technology transfer and ensuring the complementarity of the multidisciplinary approach”.







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