The Metaverse: LG NOVA’s Mission for the future is looking to build in intangible reality

The universe is the sum total of all physical reality from subatomic particles to clusters of galaxies and humanity in-between. The metaverse, on the other hand, consists of the intangible virtual reality universe: those items, experiences, and locations reside primarily on server farms.

LG NOVA wants technologies which enable, support, or expand the metaverse or deliver consumers access to the metaverse.

Examples of interest:
– Software or hardware which accelerates and/ or expands metaverse access to broader populations
– Software or hardware which provides digital access to new physical spaces

– Digitalt transaction mechanisms
– Innovations in social media

– Gaming, entertainment, or communications infrastructure for digital environments
– Avatar management
– E-sports and sports

– Exclusively digital enterprise/business opportunities
– Digital twins

– Software or hardware that expands capabilities of existing devices already in-market
– Immersive content creation and applications for interaction with the metaverse

– Improved digital connections to foster consumer participation in the metaverse
– Improved physical connections to improve productivity and communications across a global landscape

Are you into building an alternate universe? If you want the chance to work side-by-side with LG, a global leader in technology and global electronics that’s searching for a better tomorrow, submit your application no later than October 6th.


Submit by October 6th




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