The Stati Generali of the Associations of Italian Researchers Abroad: “Italy’s calling”

On September 28, 2024, the Stati Generali of the Associations of Italian Researchers Abroad will be held in Miami, Florida-USA, an exciting moment in the associative life of all the Associations of Italian Researchers Abroad who will work, united, to make Italy even more competitive.

Together, paths and projects for growth will be mapped out, providing their point of view for the support of Italian Research abroad, and it will be an opportunity for all those in the field, public and private, to exchange views.

Associations of Italian Researchers Abroad promote collaboration with foreign organizations and institutions in order to have Italian universities and research centers participate in the research programs and activities of major international bodies working in science and technology, providing expertise and knowledge for the definition of technical standards.

The Stati Generali are an opportunity for all associations of Italian researchers abroad to participate in a truly important day of general mobilization aimed at listening to the various representatives of Italian researchers abroad and contributing to the development of a path and project to be proposed to the Italian government.

Prof. Luigi Nicolais, whose eternal zeal and recognized scientific and intellectual reputation have made him one of the world’s most quoted Italian scientists, will deliver the single talk scheduled.

There is a need for secure partnerships, improved ways of promoting patents, involvement in European and international funding opportunities, and the creation of a structure abroad that also serves technologically advanced SMEs.

The sessions dedicated to the five Working Groups will be full of excitement as they discuss ideas and concrete solutions on areas of concern to the Associations.

The associations will conduct a territorial socioeconomic analysis to give useful positioning and benchmarking data. Based on this socioeconomic snapshot, participants at the States General will work in groups on the following topics:

Table 1: Clusters and the current and planned specializations of the area
Table 2: Strengthening the Italian Innovation Ecosystem
Table 3: Training Young Talents
Table 4: Economic Competitiveness and Social Progress: Challenges and Connections
Table 5: Eu Activities

Confirmed presences of the U.S. based California and Texas Scientific Italian CommunitiesAIRJ – Association of Italian Researchers in Japan, AIS-UK Association of Italian Researchers in the UK, AISSI – Association of Italian Scholars and Scientists in Israel, ARIA – Associazione di Ricercatori Italiani in Australasia, ARIM – Associazione Ricercatori Italiani in Messico, ARSID – Associazione Ricercatori e Scienziati Italiani in Danimarca, Forum Accademico Italiano in Germania, RéCIF – Réseau des Chercheurs Italiens en France.








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