Transborder Key Enabling Technologies and Living Labs for the Dairy value chain

The Dairy value chain (DVC) faces joint challenges at Mediterranean level: the growing market demand for high quality and safe products and the industrialization of farming and globalization. In this context, cross-border cooperation is needed to create the critical mass of research results marketable by spin-offs to address the entire chain.

The “TRANSDAIRY project” intends to enhance technology transfer among research, industry and Sme’s in the fields of Key Enabling Technologies (Ket) applied to the Dairy Value Chain by the creation of Living Labs, the increase of institutional capacities, and the development of market intelligence for sustainability by creation of Cross Border Spin-offs in Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Tunisia.

“TRANSDAIRY” will provide new tools and techniques for a more efficient and sustainable DVC, which will decrease delivery times, waste and logistic costs, increasing and improving the quality and safety of milk and dairy products.

The National Research Council of Italy (Cnr) is among the partners of the project, financed by the European Union through the ENI CBC MED program.

Who will benefit?

– Government Research Agencies and Universities
– The Dairy Value chain actors: farmers, transporters, distributors, etc.
– Women and younger people working in the sector, seeking new opportunities and jobs
– Research entities in ICT and Bio/Nano Technologies
– Dairy products consumers

Expected Achievements

– 8 Living Labs set up: 4 in Biotechnologies and 4 in ICT

– Open Collaborative Platform with 8 sections (one for each living lab) launched for pre-competitive analysis of products and services. It includes Forums and Wikis as open collaborative spaces for the target beneficiaries of the project. The Open Collaborative Platform of the TRANSDAIRY project is available at:

– 8 Training courses for Human Resources of Public Authorities and Technology Transfer Offices

– 24 Formative sessions on Entrepreneurship KET’s & SME’s

– 16 vouchers for cross border spin-off establishment

– 12 vouchers for co-development of patents

– 28 vouchers for co-publication on KET’s for the DVC

– 35 vouchers for demonstration of research results

Key information:

– 3.9 M € Total Project’s Budget

– 3.5 M € EU contribution

– 10% Project co-financing by the partnership

– Thematic objective: support to education, research, technological development and innovation

– Priority: A.2.1 Technological transfer and commercialization of research results

– Countries: Italy, Tunisia, Lebanon, Greece.

For Information:
Maria Staiano
CNR – Istituto di scienza dell’alimentazione
Antonio Varriale (Cnr – Isa)




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