Water: Purifiers as ‘urban biorefineries’ to recover water and materials

Turning purification plants into actual “urban biorefineries”, capable of extracting water and materials from sewage sludge to be used in other economic sectors like agriculture (water for irrigation, fertilizers , etc.) or to produce energy (for instance biomethane).

The proposal, contained in a document developed by a Working Group comprising ENEA, Foundation for Sustainable Development and University of Bologna was presented at the webinar “The water cycle and the circular economy”.

Its goal is to promote a national wastewater management strategy in line with the guidelines of the Recovery Plan, for the transition to a circular economy model.

“The concept of the circular economy can be key for a new wastewater management, given an ever decreasing availability of water resources due to climate change and the current regulatory and economic context”, Luigi Petta, Head of the ENEA Laboratory of Technologies for Reuse, Recycling, Recovery and Valorisation of Waste and Materials, pointed out.

The working group also aims to develop studies, programs and guidelines to support public administrations and create opportunities for territorial development.

The webinar presentations are available at the following link:

For more information please contact:
Luigi Petta, ENEA – Head of the Laboratory of Technologies for Reuse, Recycling, Recovery and Valorisation of Waste and Materials luigi.petta@enea.it


Source: ENEA, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development




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