#covid19 – America contacts Napoli for drug against Coronavirus

Tocilizumab, Neapolitan doctors get call from the U.S.

Italy inspires the world.

Neapolitan Healthcare is not only providing a solution to the Italian crisis but also helping with solution with potential global impact.

In fact, as the Italian newspaper Corriere del Mezzogiorno reports, the team of Neapolitan scientists who have begun testing a drug used for arthritis as a treatment for the severe pneumonia caused by the Coronavirus, has been contacted from United States for a collaboration.

The staff of Roswell Park Institute requested the clinical protocol experimented in Napoli and to start a cooperation.

Prof. Paolo Ascierto, director of SC Oncological Immunotherapy and Innovative Therapies INT at Pascale in Napoli, said: “When Aifa, the Italian drug agency, makes the protocol public, we could share our experience and help our American friends too.

Aifa has approved a protocol in record time that will soon be active.

“The protocol is important because could tell us in which patients Tocilizumab gives greater benefits and therefore would also allow us to understand the appropriate timing when the benefits could be optimal”.

Meanwhile, in Napoli the trial continues, of the seven patients treated with Tocilizumab, the drug currentlt approved for the treatment of arthritis, one died but was in serious condition, while the other six are starting to show signs of important improvements.


Source: Corriere del Mezzogiorno




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