CIBUS LAB: the italian food long work-shop

Fiere di Parma has converted its Fair concept into both a physical and virtual environment called CIBUS LAB. International and Italian mass-market retail businesses can meet Italian food producers through CIBUS LAB. The world of food is becoming more and more a protagonist in Italy and in the world, and CIBUS LAB will be a support for mass-market retail managers all over the world who will be able to gain and provide in-depth knowledge of Italian food production and its potential to export.

Antonio Cellie, CEO of Fiere di Parma, explains the evolution of trade fairs, and in particular CIBUS LAB during his “on the road” interview. He explains the effect of the great pandemic crisis that has upset the world on trade fairs as well as relations between industry producers and mass-market retail.

“We have been working for 3 years around the evolution of the Fair concept, and for this reason we recently acquired Aicod, a leading company in digital communication. COVID-19 has extremely accelerated this evolutionary process. The digital transformation of the fair is necessary but it can never replace the necessary in person business meetings , which can only be conducted on site, especially in the food sector”.

Fiere di Parma has created CIBUS LAB, a large platform that not only provides virtual information of exhibitors, operated through a gigantic database designed for the needs of international buyers (MyBusinessCibus), but also includes learning and matching, cultural activities and B2B meetings:

Manuals, webinars, business matches will be the subject of this intense work program.

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