#covid19 – Manufacturing valves to turn snorkeling masks into ventilators

ENEA has been providing civil protection with medical devices that allow to turn snorkeling masks into ventilators for the Covid-19 emergency. At the Portici Center, researchers are using 3D printing to create the special valves patented by Isinnova Ltd[1], needed to adapt decathlon snoekeling masks “Easybreath”[2] in ventilators for sub-intensive therapy.

To date, the Portici Energy Technology Department laboratories manufacture 15 kits of valves per day for an estimated total of 150 adapters to increase availability in Campania, but also for hospitals in Lombardy in case of a shortage of C-PAP helmets for patients with respiratory problems.

The valves are tested and validated by medical experts who verify their efficacy and proper functioning. The initiative, coordinated by the Directorate General for Health Protection of the Campania Region involves numerous public and private entities, including FabLab Napoli Laboratory, Re-Made in Sanità, Spark Creative Hub, 3D Rap, Dam Bros, Stampa3Dsud, Stmaker Makerspace-Hub.

The idea of turning masks designed for sports use in life-saving devices is from Isinnova, a start-up in Brescia specializing in the development of innovative projects. The adapter – called “Charlotte” – was patented and made available for free use.


For more information please contact:

Francesco Montesanto, ENEA – Head Management Services Portici Research Center, francesco.montesanto@enea.it


Source: Ufficio Stampa ENEA





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