Critical dialogues on pandemic perspectives

The International Online Congress “Critical Dialogues on Pandemic Perspectives: Global Justice, Rule of Law and Human Rights” comprises joined researchers efforts to promote international academic and scientific exchanging cooperation on the current global pandemic context on reflecting, thinking and scrutinizing government’s, public policies and decision-making process and innovation in the fighting against direct and collateral damages caused by the Covid-19’s social and institutional impacts, considering transnational implications to the political, economic and the rule of law systems from a Global Justice approach and, locally to human rights’ protection.

The Sustainable Development Goals achievements cannot ignore the technological challenges of Revolution 4.0, the precariousness of labor relations, the growing of an economic inequality, and a return to extremist nationalism.
Yet, the pandemic context forces us to think about the ascendancy of intramural violence, since social distance ends up challenging everyone, however, with outstanding, material, and dissimilar conditions since it tends to the social elimination of the socially vulnerable.

Despite the needed corporate and public adopted strategies, disenfranchisement and excessive administrative measures have been settled, re-framing and mitigating international relations pulling geopolitical, economic, and technological strings in the multipolar world.

For those finding facts, we are invited to discuss the new challenges and outcomes from a pandemic perspective to the Global Justice, Rule of Law, and Human Rights questioning if and how human rights can be ensured and mainstreamed in the taken prevention and recovery measures.

Opening Session September 10th at 7:55 to 8:15

Maria Francesca Staiano ARGENTINA
Cássius Guimarães Chai BRAZIL
Fabio Marcelli ITALY
Alexandre de Castro Coura BRAZIL

Session 1
September 10th
at 8:15 to 10:15

Alexandre de Castro Coura MODERATOR


Marco Moreira de Sá Assunção Teixeira – UNODC. Global Justice: Promoting a Culture of Lawfulness.
Xiumei WANG – CHINA. Imposing the Punshiment on Crimes Related to Covid-19: from the Perspective of Criminal Law.
Sevalnev Vyacheslav – RUSSIA. Combating Corruption during The Coronavirus Pandemic.
Federica La Chioma – ITALY. The impact of the current pandemic on the detention centers’ population and the different role of the governement, the judiciary and the press: an Italian perspective.
Session 2
September 10th
at 10:20 to 12:20

Fábio Marcelli MODERATOR


Fernand de Verennes – UNITED NATIONS. Special Rapporteur on Ethnic Minorities.
Cássius Guimarães Chai – BRAZIL. Discussing Democracy and Privacy in the Context of Pandemic Governance.
Heinz-Dietrich Steinmeyer – GERMANY. Dealing with COVID-19: Social and Legal Issues from a German and European Perspective.
MO Jihong – CHINA. Correctly and Prudently Selecting the Policy of Anti-Virus in Order to Seek More Effective Freedom.

Noon Session
September 10th
at 12:25 to 13:30

Cássius Guimarães Chai MODERATOR

Lectures/ Ponencias/ Conferências:
Hugo Washington Cahueñas Muñoz – ECUADOR. Disaster Risk Governance: Trade and COVID.
Pedro García Rodríguez – ESPAÑA. Derechos educativos de las personas excluidas en el contexto de crisis global.
Alberto Manuel Poletti Adorno – PARAGUAY. Covid-19 y Protección de los Derechos Fundamentales.

Session 3
September 11th
at 8:00 to 10:00

Maria Francesca Staiano MODERATOR

Lectures/ Ponencias/ Conferências:
Daniel Lopes Cerqueira – BRAZIL/EUA. Rise, fall and rebirth of Cultural Rights in International Human Rights Law.
Joana Daniel-Wrabetz – UNODC/PORTUGAL/AUSTRIA. Desafios na luta contra o Tráfico de Seres Humanos em tempo de pandemia.
Neris Javier Colmenares – PHILIPPINES. The Militarist Response of the Duterte’s Government and the Paucity of the Legal Basis Used in the Arrests of Supposed Quarantine Violators
Pedro Trovão do Rosário – PORTUGAL. A Suspensão do Exercício de Direitos em Tempos de Crise de Valores Constitucionais.

Session 4
September 11th
at 10:05 to 12:05

Elda Coelho de Azevedo Bussinguer MODERATOR

Lectures / Ponencias / Conferências:
Maria Esther Martínez Quinteiro – ESPAÑA. Vacunas, derecho humano a la propiedad intelectual y derecho humano a la Salud.
Emerson Erivan de Araújo Ramos – BRAZIL. O Avanço do Novo Coronavírus nas Prisões Brasileiras.
José Manuel Peixoto Caldas – PORTUGAL. Diversidade Cultural e Integração Social em Tempos de Pandemia.
Roberto Carvalho Veloso – BRAZIL. Cooperação Jurídica Internacional no Combate à Lavagem de Dinheiro no Contexto de Crise.

Organized by

Università del Maranhao
Istituto di relazioni internazionali dell’Università di La Plata

Referent of organization:
Fabio Marcelli
CNR – Istituto di studi giuridici internazionali
via dei Taurini 19 00185 Rina

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