ForesTEEN: building a resilient European TEEN cultural ecosystem

ForestTEEN is a European cooperation project for research and innovation aims to innovate the cultural offering for the new generations, through a process of participatory observation that experiments with different listening settings. Funded by the European Union (EU) through the Creative Europe Programme, the project brings together a consortium of 10 partner entities from eight Countries towards a shared mission: to improve the engagement of adolescent in cultural/theatre activities. The Institute for research on population and social policies (CNR-IRPPS) will be responsible for the (i) organisation of participatory events (ii) implementation of monitoring activities.

The objective is to understand how the exchange with adolescents can stimulate “transgenerational dialogue”, which can be a driver of innovation. The project is dedicated to teenagers aged 15 to 25 and their cultural ecosystem, which includes all individuals who interact with them for various reasons, including parents, friends, educators, cultural/social/theatrical operators, as well as teachers and professors.

The participatory events will allow to (i) co-create pathways aimed to improve the engagement of adolescents in theatre activities and (ii) co-design guidelines for policymakers aimed at proposing a standardized process for stimulating and improving the engagement and empowerment of adolescents in theatre events. The monitoring activities aim to understand if (i) the co-created pathways will allow improving the engagement of adolescents in cultural/theatre activities (ii) the activities implemented within the project satisfy the participants’ expectations, improve the interaction between adolescents and theatre professionals and improve the engagement of adolescents in cultural/theatre activities.


For Information:
Alessia D’Andrea

ForesTEEN 2023-2027: building a resilient European TEEN cultural ecosystem




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