Leonardo’s Way 2019

The discovery of modern Italian geniuses in US 2019

Leonardo Da Vinci, symbol of the Italian excellence in creativity and innovation: this is the key in understanding the project Leonardo’s Way: The discovery of modern Italian geniuses in US.

The USA appreciates and looks more and more for the style, the innovation and the sustainability of new technologies created by the Italian researchers, which is the result not only of their creativity and intuition, but also of their passion and their rigor”. In this light, Leonardo considered the first ‘mechatronic’ in the world, has left us a cultural heritage that is a valuable tool to promote the Made in Italy.

The will project is to recover the image of one of the great creative minds of the Italian Renaissance, very influential as an artist and sculptor but also immense talented as an engineer, scientist and inventor.

It can be the right key to promote among American young students the Italian scientific excellence in the USA and to bring the new generations closer and tell them about the opportunities, goals, and values ​​of a fascinating world of the scientific research, through the voice and direct experience of the protagonists”.

During “open doors” events, students will be able to meet with modern Italian geniuses, confront with them and discover the most innovative technologies – patented in the modern era by Italians residing in the USA – in areas such as robotics, industrial automation, bio mechatronics, avionics, automatic mechanical systems of motor vehicles and much more.




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