Premio Eccellenza Italiana ceremony award 10th edition

The “Ceremony Awards” of the tenth edition of the Premio Eccellenza Italiana will take place on October 14th at 11 a.m. at the esteemed Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

The Award is free, autonomous, independent and recognizes equal dignity to all participants, ensuring total impartiality of judgment; which was created in 2014 on journalist Massimo Lucidi’s initiative and is now run by the E-Novation Foundation, has been supported by the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since its first edition.

It tells the stories of visionary and tenacious business owners and professionals who are innovators at the top.

Since its founding, the Premio Eccellenza Italiana has been associated with the themes of excellence and sustainability. This association strengthens our belief that there is, in fact, only one model for sustainability and beauty in the world: the Italian way. This model is made possible by the daily commitment of visionary and resilient business owners, skilled professionals, and gifted and energized young people who are energies to be catalyzed, enhanced, and networked.

Miami Scientific Italian Community has been selected and therefore nominated in the categories “Technological Innovation” and “International Cooperation”




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